Colour Gel

We are very proud of our latest addition to our gel family - our highly pigmented colour gel. If you prefer to work from a pot, this one is for you! The caps on these pots are the EXACT colour of the gel inside. 

These colors are soakable (soaking times will vary depending on how many coats applied), and most colors only require one coat. Slightly thicker in viscosity than our Gel Polishes, our Color Gels are great for nail art, too! Use them to hand paint endless designs, encapsulate them, full-colour application, layer them to create embossed patterns and custom mix your own shades: these gels mix beautifully with our Gel Polishes and Art Gels!

Click HERE for the swatch video! 

**Please note: #050 Color Gel appears bright pink on the lid, but is similar to our gel polish #045.