Say hello to effortless, baby-soft pedicures with the newest addition to our E-Tool family: The TGB E-Foot File. Innovated by nail techs, for nail techs, our E-Foot File provides a new standard in hygienic, safe, simple pedicures, for smooth, soft skin in minutes.

Industry-leading hygiene standard.

Safe, simple usage.

Fast and efficient.

Lightweight and ergonomic, say goodbye to days of rigorous manual buffing.

Superior comfort.

Adjustable speed controls, up to 500RPM.

360° rotating disc effortlessly adapts to foot contours.

Remarkably quiet motor.

Elegant, pearlescent design.

Great value. Efficient, hassle-free pedicures.

PLUS get a FREE box of 60 buffing discs when you buy an E-Foot File, replacements can be purchased separately.

Not trained in pedicure treatments? Treat yourself to the E-Foot File to get YOUR feet* summer ready.

*Without pedicure training, E-Foot File is only suitable for personal use.