Metallic Leaf

Add luxury to your look with our gorgeous Metallic Leaf. Easy to apply, the flakes lay flat under a top coat with no bumps or ridges. Apply to all nails with a gel polish, or have a single statement nail to elevate your client's look.

  • Easy to apply
  • Flakes lay flat
  • No bumps or ridges
  • Pre-prepared leaf flakes
  • Add a touch of luxury to any look
  • Bright, light-catching colours


1) Apply your base coat and cure as usual and any chosen gel colour — then apply flakes directly on to the tacky layer.

2) Use tweezers to position the flakes where you want to create your design — try applying single flakes for a subtle look or use a brush to burnish them and for a fuller metallic effect.

3) Apply an even layer of Extreme Shine Top Coat.

4) Cure for 60 seconds using TGB Light The Way Lamp.