NU05 All In One BIAB™

With cool undertones, NU05 All In One BIAB™ is a creamy light pink inspired by our best-selling Dolly BIAB™.

With no need for a base coat under your Frenchies, simply apply to prepped nails, top coat and you're done.

It's the perfect addition to save crucial appointment time this season when using DesignEx Pro™.

All In One BIAB™ contains 50% less HEMA, which means NO heat spikes - with the same self-levelling, super strong results.

The only gel needed to apply and infill DesignEx Pro™ tips

No need for a base coat under your Frenchies

50% less HEMA eliminates heat spikes

Can be infilled or soaked off

Multipurpose formula acts as a base and builder gel

Self-levelling formula for effortlessly strong overlays