Premium Sculpting Gel Squeeze Bottle

Ugly Duckling self-leveling hard gels are designed for effortless sculpting. Extra strong adhesion, and tough high shine finish.

Our exclusive squeeze bottle eliminates contamination, mess, and assures you get every last drop. 60ml

CLEAR Gel is crystal clear no bubbles. Use to lay down before your colors to avoid staining the natural nail, cap your art, or create a full sculpt.

FUFU Gel is a camouflage gel. Create beautifully enhanced free-edge, hide any blemishes, or simply enjoy the color for French, fade or full sculpt. We recommend encapsulating between clear gel.

PINK Gel is a soft semi-transparent gel. Beautiful for French, fades, or full sculpts.

NATURAL Gel for one color overlay, Baby Boomers, or...

WHITE Gel will make a bold statement for a crisp clean French or dramatic Baby Boomer.

*Stand sold separately