BARE STONE - Lay their souls, and their nails, bare. Shape a durable hard gel overlay for a classic dark nude manicure but with added strength. A neutral gel & acrylic hybrid for sculpting and strengthening.

DIAMOND - Shine bright (and strong) like a diamond with clear nail extensions. Create a hard gel overlay for durable natural nails or for realistic extensions. A clear gel & acrylic hybrid for strengthening and sculpting.

DUSKY MARBLE - Create statement-looking gel & acrylic hybrid nail extensions. Dusky Marble delivers on both durability and design — blush pink nails exude elegance. A blush hard gel with mauve undertones.

PLATINUM - Natural or nail extensions — who can tell the difference? Create envy-inducing platinum manicures with this durable gel & acrylic hybrid formula. ProForm™ Platinum is a pure white gel & acrylic hybrid.

PINK STAR - A rare jewel, Pink Star is the baby pink gel & acrylic hybrid you've been waiting for. Create hard gel nail overlays for perfect pastel pink nails. A light pink gel & acrylic hybrid for strong nail extensions.

 ROSE QUARTZ - Like the crystal of unconditional love, your clients will adore their Rose Quartz sheer pink nails. A timeless soft pink shade that never fails. A light pink gel & acrylic hybrid suitable for nail extensions.

SHELL - Beige nails don’t have to be boring. Bring them out of their shell (pardon the pun) with creamy nude gel & acrylic hybrid nail extensions. A beige hard gel with light brown undertones.

  • HEMA-Free
  • Non-drip formula
  • Ready-to-use paste
  • Smooth file-off gel
  • Create up to 30 sets with each tube
  • Up to 3-4 weeks’ wear
  • Size (s) 45g

PLEASE NOTE: Keep out of direct sunlight

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